Hola & Salut.

It's me.

And this is
what I am doing

Actions speak louder than words. That's why I'm getting straight to the point and you'll find a selection of my favourite projects here. Let yourself be inspired and above all: have fun browsing!

You don't know where to start? No worries, what about a → random project?

But please keep in mind: this website is currently under construction and most links will lead you to german pages. I am working on it!


Playfully discovering Braille

How do we want to live?

Image-booklet for the Internationalen Bund (IB)

10 Years Buschkollegium

Design concept for the jubille concert

the meme lexicon

Online-enzyclopaedia about memes

Democracy and You

Brochure accompanying the stage show of "Demokratie Coach"


Interactive exhibition module about greed on social media addiction

who am I?

So, who am I?

Hey, great to have you here!

I'm Antonia, a freelance communication designer, a creative mind, easily inspired, always ready to learn new things, rarely ruffled, and above all, human. Want to know more about where I come from, where I am heading, how I am thinking and working? Then → this way!