Mai 2023
Studienprojekt am
Holon Institute of Technology


Auf der Suche nach Zuhause in Tel Aviv

Mai 2023
Studienprojekt am
Holon Institute of Technology

Durch die Illustrationsaufgabe, etwas zum Thema „Zuhause/Heimat“ zu gestalten, beschäftigte ich mich mit meiner eigenen Definition von Zuhause. Ich kam zum Schluss, dass mein Zuhause wenig mit „Heimat“ zu tun hat. Zuhause ist kein Fleck auf der Landkarte, sondern ein Gefühl, das überall auf der Welt entstehen kann. Und was mit persönlich half, dieses Gefühl 4000 km von der eigentlichen Heimat entfernt zu empfinden, ist die Musik und Lyrik meiner Mitbewohner, die die WG, die ich jahrelang mein Zuhause nannte, mit Klang und Leben füllten.

Emperor of Elm,
Jonathan Häfele

Listen to the sound of the plains as they're resting,
winds from the north, they are gently caressing,
mountains and hills, narrow valleys and trees,
steadily flowing as most gently breeze. [...]

There at the edge of the nightingales realm,
gathered in the shadow of glorious Elm,
an army of soldiers stands ready for battle,
men with their swords forged from cold deadly metal.

Always these warriors have guarded the realm,
and sacrificed life for their emperor of Elm.
Shadow of evil, darkness of death,
rages against them and poisons their breath.

One after one they will fall and decay,
but new ones will rise and some time they will stay,
to fend off all evil, to kill and to slay,
yet then in the end all will turn into clay.

Both deadly dark demons and soldiers will fall,
and kingdom of Elm be forgotten by all,
but bravey of soldiers, however long gone,
will never be forgotten, will live in this song.

Halfway to the Moon,
Fancy Wrong

I'm half way to the moon
be right back, see you soon
I'm alone but I'm alright,
poking holes into the night

I'm so sick of running away
but now I found a place to stay
where my spineless laughter stops,
right before the courtain drops

I'm so weak and you're so strong
you're so right and I'm so wrong
I don't want no bloody hands
but I'm running out of plans

So please tell me that I'm just stupid
that you don't care how I would do it
leave your footsteps in the sand
explain before you understand

how to gently take a fall
how to win and loose it all

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Flying Machine,
Fancy Wrong

Last night I had a dream
it was filmed in black and white
people seemed so scary and mean,
but they turned out to be alright

Then I built a flying machine,
because I felt so bored and useless
at 10.000 feet it fell apart
but I survived with cuts and bruises

Then someone tried to gain my trust
a dark reflection on the ground
his face scared me so much I woke up
but he still follows me around

Once a day he covers the sun
so we can have a conversation
I realise we used to be one
and in fact he´s my creation

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