About me

About me

My name is Antonia and I have been studying Communication Design at the → Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd since 2019. In my 6th semester, I am studying as an international student at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.

After I graduated from school in Karlsruhe, I took a preparatory design course at the HS Pforzheim, called „Vorstudium Katapult”. An internship at Thomas Spangenberger, a model designer and carpenter in Karlsruhe, helped me gain practical skills. Finally, I ended up living in Schwäbisch Gmünd, a small and calm Swabian town in Southern Germany, to study Communication Design. In my 5th semester I worked as an intern at → 2k kreativkonzept, a B2B advertising agency for technology companies in Karlsruhe, Germany. In particular I am interested in web design, exhibition design and pictograms.

Whenever there is any time left besides my studies, I am usually sewing garments, drawing or illustrating, since I am very passionate about that.

Portrait in 5 Items

This small exercise from one of my courses shows five items I have a special connection to. Have you already found all of them?
Easy to recognize: Even though I am merely an amateur tailor, I love creating new garments. I have a particular affinity for collecting old, worn-out clothes and transforming them into something new.
If I am not sewing, you may spot me with a pencil in my hand, scribbling on slips of paper I probably shouldn't scribble on. When I am drawing more seriously, I like experimenting with different drawing techniques and materials on paper and canvas.

Peacock Butterfly
Part of a series, pencil on paper
L'homme machine
Charcoal and pencil on paper
One-line-drawings, fineliner on paper